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Why Moms ♥ EpiCor

"I first tried EpiCor after lengthy research online for an immune helper for my daughter who was 5 years old. Tried it on myself for a year before ordering EpiCor Junior for my daughter. One of the best investments I've made." - by Vinoy
Product: VRP EpiCor

"We take this year all year with noticeable results!! - by Dental hygienist mom
Product: Natrol Immune Boost

"I have been an EpiCor user for some time, with good results. I like the convenience this product offers with the added ingredients." - by dakotamum
Product: Natrol Immune Boost

"100% HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This product was included as a free sample in my last few orders and can I say "Samples Do work" people ...... Thank you iherb because I will always be a repeat customer for this nutritious item. All the goodness into a small dose which I mix into my daily protein drinks. My kids laugh because of the purple colour but hey, I much prefer this to any other drink or snack. I'M SOLD! P.S. Have now been presented with another sample sachet of the Madre Labs ACAI HEART.... another awesome product!" - by Reviewer2224216
Product: Madre Labs Immune Punch

Mommy Bloggers

We all know the saying “Mother knows best” so we challenge mommy bloggers to take the “EpiCor 30 Day Whole Body Challenge.” The bloggers received a free 30-day supply of EpiCor and gave their own opinions. See what they had to say!

“I ended up with about two and a half days of congestion that made it hard to sleep at night. That was it. No hacking cough, no fever, no moaning on the couch. I can’t be totally sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of the 30-Day Challenge I was given the opportunity to take part in.” Read More! 

Confessions of a Military Spouse
“I have tried this product out and came to see that there were no real side effects that I felt at all. In fact I have felt great.” Read More!

EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway Testimonials from Moms

"For me its all about staying healthy and EpiCor is always there for me!" - by Amy S.

"EpiCor keeps you on a healthy path throughout these horrible winter months." by Brook B.

"I love how EpiCor boosts my immune system and keeps me healthy throughout the harsh winter months." Jenn M.

"I can't remember a winter when I haven't stayed healthy!" by Candace G.

"EpiCor is great for me and my family." by Kristen D.

"I used EpiCor this past Winter to stay healthy because as a stay at home mom to a very active toddler, mom's don't get time off!  You have to stay at the top of your game, and with the help of EpiCor, I have never felt better!" by Christi E.

"I love how EpiCor boosts my immune system and keeps me healthy throughout the harsh winter months." by Jenn M.

"I can't remember a winter when I haven't stayed healthy!" by Candace G.

"EpiCor is great for me and my family." by Kristen D.

"EpiCor is the greatest thing I have found to help me stay healthy." by Teresa S.

"I have been using EpiCor off and on for 2 years.  I like that the ingredients are all natural. I like the boost it gives my immune system. I recommend it to my friends and family." by Patricia S.

"I like that it keeps me and my family healthy all throughout the year." by Jodi W.

"Thanks to Epicor I feel good year round!" by Jeannette H.

"Healthiest winter yet!" by Beth H.

"Never felt better, thanks to EpiCor." by Kim

"I love to stay healthy that is why I choose EpiCor." by Dianne J.

"I was happy to try EpiCor and I felt happy and healthy." by Hilary O.

"I feel my absolute best when I take EpiCor!" by Valerie C.

"Taking EpiCor has helped me stay healthy even though I ride a crowded train to work." by Linda R.

"It helped me a lot to be healthy all winter long." by Eva K.

"I love EpiCor and love that I stay healthy throughout the year." by Anna H.

"I believe EpiCor to be the absolute, “Best In Class” when it comes to health supplements. For me, this has been an amazing product that has kept my entire family healthy throughout the past year — the first time ever! This is an amazing product that needs far more attention within the medical and health communities. I look forward to seeing how longer-term use continues to improve our overall health." by Corey S.

"I have seen a nice improvement in my health after taking this." by Laurie D.

"Staying healthy is one thing our family strive's for and we never felt any better thanks to EpiCor." by Carol C.

"I feel great all year long." by Dana M.

"I have been taking EpiCor for two years and it has really helped keep me healthy." Jenn P.

"My son & I both take EpiCor daily -- no matter the season -- and have stayed healthy year after year!" by Karen S.

"I love love the way EpiCor makes me stay healthy." by Ashley C.

"After numerous years of struggling to stay well I learned about EpiCor and what a blessing it has been! I have been able to stay healthy and feel well!!! This has been my best winter season ever!" by Stephanie S.

"With the use of EpiCor, I have never felt better. Using this product to stay healthy has changed my life." by Clarissa W.

"EpiCor is fantastic and it works great." by Glendon S.

"I LOVE EpiCor! As a mother of 4 (soon to be 5), I get exposed to lots of things, and don't have time to be off my game. EpiCor does a great job of maintaining my health and keeping me up and running even when the health challenges of motherhood try to knock me out!" by Rachel B.

"I have used EpiCor supplements in the past and they are great. I feel a lot better overall and they definitely help me boost my health. I need to get back to take them." by Rebecca L.

"I have never had a winter that I felt better until EpiCor." By Elishia B.

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Why Grandparents ♥ EpiCor

"Both my husband and I have noticed a great improvement since taking EpiCor. So much so, that our son, his wife and grandson's are now taking it. We will never be without Epicor!" - by Marvin
Product: VRP EpiCor

"I totally believe in this product. I would not be without it. If I don't take my other Supplements I most certainly would take the EpiCor. I normally do not write reviews, but this one is worth the time. I have gone through 2 years taking this product and believe that it helps my immune system a lot. Try it for yourself. Just be sure to take it every day. " - by Granny1
Product: VRP EpiCor

"Grandchildren use EpiCor Jr! Also sprinkle on pets' food."
Product: Swanson EpiCor Jr.

“We are on our second bottle of EpiCor Jr., my 9 year old has been taking this every night with no problem swallowing them. There has been a huge boost in his immune system since taking them. Very pleased with the product and as always Swanson's great price!"
Product: Swanson EpiCor Jr.

EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway Testimonials from Grandparents

"I try to stay healthy and exercise and eat right. I add to this with my vitamins/supplements and getting enough sleep." by Colleen G.

"I started taking EpiCor last year. I have felt great since then. It keeps me healthy and it's easy to take." by Marci C.

"Love feeling healthy with using EpiCor products." by Lorrie M.

"EpiCor keeps you on a healthy path throughout these horrible winter months." by Brook B.

"I started taking EpiCor last year. I have felt great since then. It keeps me healthy and it's easy to take." by Marci C.

"I tried EpiCor after receiving a free sample. It has helped me to feel well and stay healthy without the need for any chemicals." by Marnie B.

"I have never felt better." by Ang F.

"I've been feeling great since I've started using EpiCor. I've seen a huge improvement in the way I feel daily!" Christel E.

"EpiCor helps me feel healthy and full of life!" - by Amanda R.

"I stay healthy by using EpiCor products during the winter season. I work with customers daily and EpiCor keeps me well!" by Bry C.

"EpiCor is an awesome product it keeps me healthy and active all the year! The flavor is delicious! Would recommend to anyone who wants to feel better." by Crystal C.

"I think this helped to keep me feeling good and not feeling down!" by Tina B.

"This stuff helps me stay healthy when it matters!" by Creslan W.

"Winters where I live are 8 months out of the year..this is the first year taking EpiCor. it has really made a difference in how I feel!" by Gina L.

"With EpiCor I am ready to take on the day." by Tammy T.

"I am staying healthy and I never felt better." by Brad B.

"I started taking EpiCor this summer and I've felt the best this winter than I have for a long time." by Bonnie K.

"This boosts my immune system and I stay very healthy and energized. My cousin told me about this and I would never go without taking it daily!!!" by Jacqueline S.

"Epicor is a great all natural supplement and I am all about natural products to keep me healthy all year long!" by Val D.

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Why Teachers ♥ EpiCor

"I have used EpiCor for several years and would like to be able to give specific examples of its effectiveness, but I am not allowed to make medical claims. As a high school teacher for 41 years, I do NOT EVER want to miss school. I think students need to see that example, and I love my job. I appreciate the help that EpiCor gives my immune system in meeting that goal. I also provide EpiCor Jr. to my grandchildren and have seen similar results. Do the research and try it for several months--I think you'll be glad you did. " - by DianaH
Product: Swanson EpiCor

EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway Testimonials from Teachers

"Staying healthy makes it a priority with EpiCor! Make Feeling Your Best Every Day a Priority!" by Charries S.

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Why Athletes ♥ EpiCor

"I started taking EpiCor about 5 years ago and wouldn’t go a day without it. I really believe it's had a positive effect on my health and well-being. Sometimes I take 2 or 3 capsules a day."
"As a player on the National US Australian Football team, I have a rigorous training schedule and I really can’t afford to miss a day. I’ll be traveling to Australia in August 2017 to play against countries around the world including Canada, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and France. EpiCor will definitely be traveling with me to help make sure I stay healthy during this trip on and off the field." by Ben Judge, Des Moines, IA. Ben was sponsored by EpiCor for the 2017 International Cup.

Players for the US Revolution (the Revos) are selected from over 35 Australian football teams across the US. In order to become a member of the team, they have to compete at training camps and show their abilities on the field throughout the year. Every 3 years the players get to travel to Australia to represent the US in the International against countries around the world. Learn more about USAFL Revolution team at usafl.com/revolution.

"EpiCor is my secret weapon. I train year round to compete in triathlons and other endurance events. EpiCor keeps me healthy, so I can continue to do the volume of training needed to be competitive in these events." by Ebe Boetcher. Ebe is an athlete that is sponsored by ProActive’s EpiCor.



“At my age, 57, I have to keep up and stay at the top of my game. I recommend EpiCor to everyone I meet and to other athletes when I compete.” – by Craig Fraser, Division Chief/Fire Marshal, Ankeny, IA

Read our blog with a Q&A with Craig

"Taking EpiCor gives my body the nutrients to promote a healthy lifestyle." by Kinney E
(Testimonial received through the EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway)

Molly Jo - Crossfit Athlete Molly Jo., CrossFit Athlete

“Having a demanding schedule with work, coaching CrossFit, and training 5-6 days a week often leads to not enough sleep and being run-down.  Since taking EpiCor I have noticed a big difference in my health and feel like I can accomplish more in each of my training sessions.  I am very thankful to have found a product that keeps me healthy and on my feet!” - Molly Jo A., CrossFit Athlete [Took part in our free sampling program with Healthy Origins EpiCor]

Matt Johnson, Regional CrossFit Athlete Matt Johnson, Regional CrossFit Athlete Matt Johnson, Regional CrossFit Athlete Matt Johnson, Regional CrossFit Athlete

"Not only being taxed from doing my crossfit workouts, but also working as a flight medic with night shift hours and unique stressers, I also have a new born baby girl. So I feel as though I am fairly taxed and stressed on a continuing basis. All that being said, EpiCor definitely seems to help me stay healthy. This had quick made its way into my daily regime and I don't see it leaving anytime soon.”
 - Matt Johnson, Regional CrossFit Athlete [Took part in our free sampling program with Healthy Origins EpiCor]

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EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway Testimonials from Athletes

"Love this stuff." by S. Fisher

"My husband and I are in our 60's and 70's and have been regular users of EpiCor for several years.  We love that it contributes to our healthy lifestyle." by Jan-Marie G.

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Why Doctors/Nurses ♥ EpiCor

"I am amazed at the large amount of science behind the development of EpiCor. I believe that the science supporting the use of EpiCor is far greater than that for most of the other products in my arsenal of natural medicines." Dr. Kim Lyons (email)
Product: Complimentary Prescriptions EpiCor

EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway Testimonials from Doctors/Nurses

"EpiCor helps me to stay healthy and productive. Leading an active life it is important to me to be in the best possible physical shape I can be." by Lori M.

"I stay very healthy on EpiCor and so do my daughters and my grandchildren." Carolyn B.

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More ♥ Testimonials

"This works better than anything I have tried in my 59 years. Would recommend it to any one for immune support." - by mrsjellybean
Product: Swanson EpiCor

"I have experienced positive results with this product over time, and really do believe the research showing that it works. Thanks. - by Judith Gail R.
Product: Doctor’s Best EpiCor

"I have been using various nutritional supplements for the past 40 years and believe that EpiCor actually enhances my immune system in a noticeable way." - by Reviewer2626270
Product: Healthy Origins EpiCor

"This seems to work gradually to build the immune system, and I'm satisfied with the results so far. I'll keep taking it, and look forward to testing it on an upcoming trip overseas – that's where you really prove the value of immune protection." - by IamLIcht
Product: Swanson EpiCor

EpiCor Fan Survey Giveaway Testimonials

"I first discovered EpiCor 5 months ago and have felt great ever since. I would highly recommend it to anybody who loves staying healthy! I truly have had wonderful results and its just more than words can say. It's been a game changer in my life." by John J.

"With the help EpiCor I have stayed healthier than I have been in many years." by Rickie J.

"Kept me feeling tough all through the winter!" by Heather V.

"Sure helps me feel well during the winter season." by Debbie M.

"I think its a wonderful product filled with unlimited potential! I love it!" by Adrienne D.

"Science-based nutrition - no downside!" by Buzz K.

"EpiCor acts to nudge the body toward a healthy condition...if used on a regular basis. The idea is to maintain a healthy condition without having to be concerned about side effects, and EpiCor fulfills this objective." by John G.

"This winter I have been taking EpiCor and have been very healthy." by Cindy C.

"EpiCor should be in your daily routine if you want to improve your health." by Larry M.

"I love taking EpiCor..it helps me to stay healthy. I recommend it to all my friends and family. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle then EpiCor is for you." by Alessandro P.

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