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EpiCor Discovery Story

The Amazing Discovery of EpiCor – A Real Story that Led to Real Science

Fermentation Observation


In the late 1800's C.W. Bloomhall, a young boy who lived on a family farm, noticed that animals fed table scraps fermented with sour milk seemed to be healthier than animals fed simple grains alone.

After retiring from the milling industry in 1943, Bloomhall decided to put his theory to the test – that fermented foods provided unique health benefits. He founded Diamond V to develop a specialized fermentation process to create a yeast culture as an immune modulator that would improve the health and productivity of livestock.

Diamond V is still owned by the Bloomhall family and has grown to become the largest, most respected manufacturer and marketer of unique microbial fermentation products for improved animal health worldwide. 

Discovery of EpiCor

Fast forward to 1998. Factory employees at Diamond V exposed daily to the yeast culture were not using much sick leave. Management also realized that the company's actual health care claims per person were lower than other companies of the same size and region.

Why were the factory workers taking fewer sick days than their colleagues working in the office? There had to be something extraordinary happening with the factory workers! To find out, Diamond V commissioned pilot studies comparing the factory workers to a similar group of office workers. And, sure enough, the factory workers who were exposed to the yeast culture had stronger immune systems.

The immune system research results were extraordinary – the factory workers had increased activity of white blood cells called Natural Killer cells, higher levels of the important mucosal antibody secretory IgA (sIgA) and lower levels of pro-inflammatory immune complexes when compared to office workers. The company was determined to create a new, natural and super-concentrated fermentation product to better support the human immune system.

After more years of clinical research to show the safety and efficacy of whole food fermentate for people, EpiCor was born! Today, people all around the world trust EpiCor as an immune system strengthener found in many quality product brands to support their overall health and personal wellness. Maybe it’s time for you to discover EpiCor for yourself!

 Embria Health Sciences manufacturer of EpiCor, located in Ankeny, IA.


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