EpiCor Immune

Discover the Health Benefits of EpiCor for Yourself

Factory workers were the first to experience the benefits of our fermentation technology – that’s how EpiCor was discovered. Factory employees who had long-term exposure directly with the fermentation product made by Embria’s parent company stayed surprisingly healthier than the office employees.

Embria was founded to create, research and bring this amazing and unique fermentation technology to people across the world. The result is EpiCor fermentate – a natural supplement ingredient rich in fermentation metabolites that strengthens the human immune system for better overall health. So, how does EpiCor benefit your daily health?

Published studies show EpiCor helps people live more healthy days by:

  • Supporting year-round respiratory and sinus health
  • Helping maintain nasal comfort
  • Maintaining immune defenses for daily challenges
  • Supporting good digestive health

Discover the amazing benefits of EpiCor yourself and breathe easier knowing you are supporting your health with one of the best immune system supplements proven to work!

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