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September 15, 2014

For every “like” or “share” on our app, EpiCor and its partners will give one child the lifesaving vitamins for a year through Vitamin Angels. Simply go to our app here to participate. Help us change the lives of 25,000 children by spreading the word about Vitamin Angels.
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September 2, 2014

The anti-inflammatory effects of EpiCor® dried fermentate previously shown in laboratory and animal models are now demonstrated in vitro and in a human clinical. Embria Health Sciences, a leader in providing safe and science-based dietary supplement ingredients to the global marketplace, announces new study results published in the Journal of...
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July 24, 2014

Latest Published Research Adds New Dimension to Gut Health Indications for EpiCor® A validated, integrated in vitro approach is used to evaluate if EpiCor increases total levels of SCFAs (Short Chain Fatty Acids), and whether EpiCor influences which bacterial species adhere to the living cell layer mimicking the human gut...
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June 1, 2014

See How it Works!
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