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Beyond SPF for a Healthier Summer. What’s in Your Beach Bag?

Posted on 07/08/2014 at 12:00 AM by Embria Health Sciences

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By Lisa Meztgar, Ph.D.

With summer comes tons of fun activities like backyard barbeques, beach time, family reunions, and vacations. Summer can also come with its own set of health challenges, from bad digestion due to overindulging at picnics to summertime colds from a weakened immune system. So how can we better protect ourselves from some of the harmful aspects of fun in the sun? Well, let’s see what we can pack into our beach bags.

We are genetically designed to crave the sweet stuff, so, remember to pack plenty of summertime fruits for your summer outings. The availability of all sorts of fresh fruits in the summer offers a great alternative to the sugary sweets that can depress our immune systems. Fruits are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants to help boost the immune system, as well as a good source of moisture to help stay hydrated when out in the hot sun.

Since our digestive system is so connected to our immune health, one additional way to safeguard our good health while on the go is with prebiotics, which are the fiber products that help feed the beneficial probiotics in our gut. The benefit of EpiCor is that published research shows that it strengthens our immune system, and one way it does that is by acting like a prebiotic. Prebiotics are important because they can help balance and strengthen our digestive system for better overall health.

I’m all about basking in the sun on a beach towel, and the stress-relief is great for our good health, but why stop there? According to the ASCM, regular and moderate exercise has been shown to lower the risk for respiratory infections. So, how about throwing into your bag a small item that helps break a sweat while also being fun? Frisbees, soccer balls, baseball and mitt…whatever sounds like fun will also sound like natural healing to your body.

Travel is at its peak in the summer months, and with it comes a lot of stress to the immune systems of on-the-go families. Feeling down and out during the summer is no fun! We can guard ourselves by strengthening our immune systems through good nutrition, proper rest, managing stress and using well-researched nutritional supplements. Besides, you didn’t save all year for your two weeks in the Bahamas only to get stuck in bed at the hotel. Safeguard yourself by doing what you can to strengthen your immune system before ever getting on that plane.

Back when I was a child, we didn’t think much about applying sunscreen to protect from burning and aging. We just basked in the sun, hoping to get a deep dark tan, never even thinking about our future health. These days with all the research in health and nutrition there are many things we can do to safeguard ourselves so we can enjoy our good health for a very long time. Like sunscreen, our immune systems are one of the things we seem to forget about. It’s important to keep our immunes systems healthy everyday, not just when you’re not feeling well. There has been breakthrough research on nutritional supplements like EpiCor that show how we can support our health by simply strengthening our immune system. It is as simple as applying sunscreen to protect from burns and aging.

Make sure you have a fun summer by packing your good nutrition on every outing. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Do you have any go-to items that I’ve forgotten? I’d love to know what’s in your beach bag!

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