EpiCor Immune

The EpiCor story is an incredible discovery that began over 70 years ago...

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I totally believe in this product. I would not be without it. If I don't take my other supplements I most certainly...

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Embria health sciences

At Embria Health Sciences, we are dedicated to the creation of science-based, all natural ingredients that support human health. Our ultimate goal is to provide products that help people stay healthy and maintain a high quality of life so that...

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Keto Diet: Fad or Not so Bad? Keto Diet: Fad or Not so Bad?
February 28, 2019

By: Dr. Lisa Metzgar: Over the decades there has always been a fad diet that everyone gets excited about to lose weight.  My question is how do these diets benefit or harm our health.  In the 70’s we adopted a low fat diet and it turns out that it was quite possib...

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