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Safety is Our #1 Priority

At Embria, we want to people to live long, healthy lives. That’s why producing safe and high quality supplement ingredients like EpiCor is an absolute priority to us. EpiCor immune strengthener has gone through a series of safety studies, which were published in the International Journal of Toxicology. The United States’ FDA has also looked at EpiCor’s clinical and safety studies and manufacturing process, and has acknowledged that EpiCor has New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) status.

Not only do we have the science for safety, EpiCor is 100% made in the USA in a state-of the-art facility located in Ankeny, Iowa. Embria follows all current Good Manufacturing Practices, which is regularly certified by NSF through frequent audits. There is also a HACCP plan in place at Embria for the production of EpiCor.

The combined research and high quality manufacturing facilities support that EpiCor is safe for consumption by adults and children.

Award-Winning Research

Not all research is created equal. Embria Health Sciences builds upon over 70 years of science and research into our health and wellness supplement ingredients. We’re absolutely committed to meeting or exceeding governmental and industry standards for safety and performance. Embria’s award-winning scientific studies are well designed and follow strict protocols. Studies on EpiCor include:

  • Seven published human clinical trials
    • Five randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials (The Gold Standard of Research)
  • Two published animal studies
  • Two published series of in vitro studies
  • Published article summarizing multiple safety studies 

All of EpiCor's studies are made available to dietary supplement manufacturers, health care practitioners and other professionals in the industry on the Embria Health Sciences website. Manufacturers use this information to develop explanations of EpiCor’s benefits that comply with the applicable rules of different governments throughout the world.


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Embria® Health Sciences combines science and nature to bring researched-based natural ingredients to the global human and companion animal nutrition market. Embria's key product, EpiCor®, is a natural, dietary supplement ingredient that is shown to help strengthen the immune system by balancing immune response.
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