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November 17, 2015

Dr. Lisa Metzgar, PhD: As the mom of a teenager, I know what a battle it can be to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is super important to instill good eating habits from a very young age so they have a fighting chance to grow up... Read More

October 2, 2015

By: Dr. Lisa Metzgar Summer is one of my favorite seasons because there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables available. I love going to the local farmers markets each week to get my produce. With the summer just now ending, you still have time to take advantage of all that local... Read More

September 16, 2015

As the hot summer days come to an end and the weather starts to get colder, chances are you’ll be stuck indoor more often and less active. What’s more, most of us tend to reach for comfort food this time of year. I know I’ve been guilty of this! Keeping your immune... Read More

August 26, 2015

By Julie Revelant: Stress is an epidemic in America and no one is immune. Whether it’s worrying about the everyday minutiae of life, or dealing with larger issues like work, money, caring for kids and family members, relationship strife or the death of a loved one, it can take a toll... Read More

August 7, 2015

Have a little artist in family? Give them a chance to shine by entering EpiCor Kids Coloring contest! The top 3 winners will receive a $100 debit gift card PLUS Swanson Ultra EpiCor for both adults and kids to help keep their families healthy during the school year. See how to... Read More

July 16, 2015

By Dr. Lisa Metzgar, PhD Holistic Nutrition: Labels these days can be so confusing. There are many foods that are touted as healthy or natural but are really unhealthy foods cleverly disguised. The food industry is very smart about how they use marketing to sway you into buying their products. They... Read More

June 3, 2015

By Julie Revelant: Between work demands, family obligations and dealing with everything else on your plate, how’s your energy level? Face it, you’re probably a little sluggish, or perhaps utterly exhausted. The good news is that there’s a simple recipe for increasing your energy levels, including eating a healthy diet, getting 7... Read More

May 7, 2015

By Lisa Metzgar, PhD in Holistic Medicine Remember the phrase, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, in today’s world we are conditioned to take medication to treat symptoms. In 2011, doctors wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs in America.1 The list includes statins to reduce cholesterol,... Read More

April 14, 2015

By Dr. Lisa Metzgar: With the approaching bathing suit season, people are starting to think of ways to shed their winter “layer” before they lay out. Unfortunately, crash diets provide the allure of fast results with little effort. Needless to say these extreme measures can lead to a number of health... Read More

April 2, 2015

Like many moms, a big part of my day is devoted to making healthy meals for my family and I. I’m either searching for and buying healthy ingredients and products or constantly in the kitchen peeling, cutting, chopping, dicing, cooking and cleaning. Evenings and early mornings are spent making breakfast, lunches... Read More

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