The EpiCor Story


The EpiCor story is an incredible discovery that began over 70 years ago...

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Christie ♥'s EpiCor

Christie ♥'s EpiCor

"I started taking EpiCor before the 2013 Algarve Cup, which is always a tough tournament due to...

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Brands with EpiCor

AdvoCare ImmunoGuard

ImmunoGuard provides comprehensive...


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Embria Health Sciences

Embria Health Science is dedicated to creating and manufacturing natural supplement ingredients based on science that support wellness and vitality. Our ingredients are featured in dozens of leading dietary supplement and functional food products found in natural products stores, grocery stores, health care practitioner offices, drug stores and on-line...

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July 16, 2015
By Dr. Lisa Metzgar, PhD Holistic Nutrition: Labels these days can be so confusing. There are many foods that are touted as healthy or natural but are really unhealthy foods cleverly disguised. The food industry is very smart about how they use marketing to sway you into buying their products....
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Embria® Health Sciences combines science and nature to bring researched-based natural ingredients to the global human and companion animal nutrition market. Embria's key product, EpiCor®, is a natural, dietary supplement ingredient that is shown to help strengthen the immune system by balancing immune response.
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